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25 Aug 2019
Free Lightroom Presets Are Coming

Free Lightroom Presets Are Coming 

How would you like to get killer Free Lightroom Presets delivered to you every single week? Because that’s what’s coming.

It seems like everyone is putting together Lightroom Preset packages and selling them online. Yeah, running a website and creating videos for YouTube & Facebook is very time consuming and it’s not cheap. However, I really want to give them to you for free. So … That’s the plan.

I am putting everything in place to start providing you with premium quality Free Lightroom Presets. I will make an official announcement on YouTube when they go live.

Don’t Miss the Free Lightroom Preset Announcement on YouTube !!!

Subscribe on YouTube, if you haven’t already, and then click that little YouTube bell icon thingy that way you’ll be notified as soon as the free presets are available for download.

If you have any requests for certain types of presets, leave a comment below. I will be creating free custom presets based off of your ideas.


Free Lightroom Presets Are Coming

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