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25 Aug 2019
Lightroom Watermark

Lightroom Watermark 

1) Open the Edit Watermarks Dialog

lightroom watermarkIn any module, choose Edit > Edit Watermarks (Windows) or Lightroom Classic CC > Edit Watermarks (Mac OS)

2) Choose the Watermark Type

lightroom watermarkIn the Watermark Editor dialog box, select a Watermark Style: Text or Graphic.

3) Assign Watermark

lightroom watermark(Text watermark) Type the text under the preview area and specify Text Options: font, style, alignment, color, and drop shadow. OpenType fonts are not supported.

(Graphic watermark) Click Choose in the Image Options pane and then navigate to and choose the PNG or JPEG that you want to use.

4) Watermark Effects

lightroom watermarkOpacity
Adjust the level of transparency of the watermark.

Proportional scales the watermark larger or smaller. Fit sizes the watermark across the width of the photo. Fill sizes the watermark to fill the height and width of the photo.

Repositions the watermark horizontally or vertically in the photo.

Anchor the watermark to one of nine anchor points in the photo, and rotate the watermark left or right.

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